Tribes of the Late Stone Age

Hamer girl

Ethiopia’s Omo Valley is one of the most culturally diverse regions in all of Africa. On this trip we head into the villages of the various tribes that make up this kaleidoscope of ethnicity, including the Mursi, Karo, Hamer-Benna, Konso, and others, learning about their complex customs and experiencing a way of life very far removed from the rest of the world.

The star attraction of this tour is the mursi, a tribe of pastoralists in south Omo Valley area. Women of this unique tribe insert very unusual decorative lip plates.

Another distinctive tribe of the South Omo region is the hamer. They display unique style of body decorations and clothes. Women wear leather skirts with cowry shells and paint their braids with ocre and clay.

Also included is a boat ride on Lake Chamo, inhabited by crocodiles, hippos,  and multitude of water birds.


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