South Ethiopia, September 11-18, 2017

ROUTE: Addis Ababa – Arba Minch – Turmi – Jinka – Karat Konso – Langano – Addis Ababa

MAJOR EXCURSIONS: boat ride on Lake Chamo (Nech Sar National Park), village of dorze people, Key Afar market (benna people), village of hamer people, ethnographic museum in Jinka, settlement of mursi people, market in Jinka, village of konso people, and rift valley lakes (Lake Langano and Lake Zway).

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Day 1 1, 10 September, Sun.
Flight to Addis Ababa. Transfer to hotel by the shuttle bus.
Blue Star International Hotel, Addis Ababa

Day 2, 11 September,  Mon.
New Year celebration at the church of St. Raguel (Entoto Mountain,  near Addis Ababa). Short city tour of Addis Ababa. Dinner in a traditional restaurant with live music.
Blue Star International Hotel, Addis Ababa

Day  3, 12 September, Tue.
Drive to Arba Minch. On the way excursion to Tiya Stele field,  UNESCO World Heritage site.
Swaynes Hotel, Arba Minch

Day 4, 13 September, Wed.
In the morning boat trip on Lake Chamo. In the afternoon excursion to Chencha, village of dorze people.
Swaynes Hotel , Arba Minch

Day  5, 14 September,  Thu.
Drive to Jinka, excursions to the village of aari people near Jinka. Visit ethnographic Museum of Jinka.
Eyob Hotel , Jinka

Day 6, 15 September, Fri.
Excursion to the village of the mursi people, return to Jinka at lunchtime, the drive to the village of Turmi (hamer people)
Splendor Lodge , Turmi

Day 7, 16 September,  Sat.
Excursion to the village of karo people, the visit the market Dimeka (benna and hamer people, then drive to Karat Konso.
Kanta Lodge, Karat Konso

Day  8, 17 September,  Sun.
In the morning excursion to the village of konso people,  then drive to Awassa.
Lake View Hotel, Awassa

Day 9, 18 September,  Mon.
Excursion to Amora Gedel, on the shores of Lake Awassa,  then drive to Addis Ababa. Shopping for souvenirs,  then transfer to the international airport and return flight home.

DATES: from September 11 to 18, 2017

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