Bale Mountains National Park

Created in 1970, this park covers about 2,200 square kilometers of the Bale Mountains to the west and southwest of Goba in the Bale Zone. Within its boundaries are some of the highest points in Ethiopia, which include Mount Batu.

Bale Mountains contains three distinct ecoregions: the northern plains, bush and woods; the central Sanetti Plateau with an average elevation of over 4000 meters; and the southern Harenna Forest, known for its mammals, amphibians and birds including many endemic species. The central Sanetti Plateau is home to the largest population of the rare and endangered Ethiopian wolves.

It is possible to arrange a tour to the Bale Mountains Park for 3 to 6 days.
Itinerary of a 4 days/3 nights tour program
Day 1: drive to the town of Goba via Adama with a lunch stop in Asela. Accommodation: Wabe Shebelle Hotel in Goba, Bale
Day 2: in the morning drive to the Sanetti Plains and Harenna Forest direction to observe rare birds and endemic Ethiopian wolf. Also included is a tour to the Mt. Tulu DImtu, the second highest mountain in Ethiopia. Picnic lunch in the Harenna Forest area.
Accommodation: Wabe Shebelle Hotel in Goba, Bale
Day 3: in the morning drive to the village of Dinsho. Here we arrange hiking tour in the western part of the Bale National Park, where you can easily find endemic Mountain Nyala and other rare animals and birds. Lunch in the village of DInsho, then drive to Awassa.
Day 4: excursion to the fish market in Awassa, lunch, then drive to Addis Ababa.
Estimated price of this tour: 500 to 600 USD per person for group tours (6 pax and above)