nature and trekking

North route by 4WD and air

This is a great itinerary that visits the very best of the northern historical circuit. Starting off from Addis Ababa, we drive to the North, enjoying the most spectacular scenery, all the way to Lalibela,… continue reading North route by 4WD and air

Awash National Park

Found at the southern tip of the Afar Region, this park is 225 kilometers east of Addis Ababa, with its southern boundary along the Awash River, and covers at least 756 square kilometers of acacia… continue reading Awash National Park

Bird Watching Tour

Ethiopia is a home of 860 bird species, out of which 30 are endemic. Diversity of landscapes and climates in Ethiopia  provides wide variety of choices for bird watchers. We can prepare and carry out bird-watching tours… continue reading Bird Watching Tour

Bale Mountains National Park

Created in 1970, this park covers about 2,200 square kilometers of the Bale Mountains to the west and southwest of Goba in the Bale Zone. Within its boundaries are some of the highest points in Ethiopia,… continue reading Bale Mountains National Park

Debre Libanos and Portuguese Bridge

Founded in 1284 by the legendary Ethiopian saint Abuna Tekle Haimanot, Debre Libanos monastery played an important part in spreading Christianity in central Ethiopia. The church and its surrounds witnessed many historic events, including arrival… continue reading Debre Libanos and Portuguese Bridge