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Biniyam Melese

Position: driver/guide.

Specialist in: tribes and nations of the South Omo Valley.

Born and raised in Jinka, southernmost town in Ethiopia, Biniyam spent much of his life studying customs and culture of the hidden tribes of the Omo Valley. He is fluent in Aari, Hamer, Mursi and Benna languages, as well as in English. With him you are in safe hands, traveling to the remotest and most exotic parts of Ethiopia. An experienced driver, his winsome character gives him great rapport with his clients.



Dereje Yilma

Position: driver/guide.

Specialist in: Danakil desert and other adventure tours.

Professional driver/guide, he works in our company since 2017. Excellent driver, with positive mental attitude and cheerful personality, he will make you feel at ease and at home in any corner of Ethiopia. Dereje is a great guy: he is a maverick with a unique perspective on the world. Regarding Ethiopia, he has deep knowledge in a wide range of subjects: history and geography, birds and animals, ethnography and customs of Ethiopia.

Ermiyas Tekeba

Position: guide.

Specialist: tours in Gondar, Bahr Dar, and Semien National Park.

Ermiyas guides tours in Gondar area and famous Semien National Park. He has extensive knowledge in botany, especially plants of a medicinal nature, which grow in the mountains of north Ethiopia. The use of plants for medical purposes is extremely valuable to people in this culture and knowledge is passed from generation to generation.

Estalu Kelemu

Position: guide.

Specialist in: churches of Lalibela and surrounds.

Estalu was born in lalibela, the land of ancient rock-hewn coptic churches, ornate crosses and rich historical roots. He has extensive knowledge of this area and is passionate about sharing this with our visitors. Estalu has a calm, friendly manner and delivers yours of great interest.