Hello World!


Hello World!

When I travel in Europe, people sometimes ask me, “Do you really live in Ethiopia, that poor country?” Yes, my country is poor, and the image created for Ethiopia in the western mass media is far from positive, but it is the only African nation which was nevers colonized, the country which became Christian in the 4th century, long before most European nations,  the only African nation with its own alphabet and unique calendar, and the first African nation to win Olympic gold medal. Coffee that you drink also comes from Ethiopia. This is the country with so much culture and tradition that you can’t even comprehend! Ethiopia is also home to the earliest fossils on earth that date over 5 million years. Yes! Ethiopia, country of proud and happy people, birth of the world and the cradle of humanity. I love traveling in Ethiopia, I love every town and village because anywhere I go I feel happy meeting my friends, Ethiopians. I like Ethiopian food, Ethiopian music and traditional dance, and find it very interesting to listen how my friends speak in Amharic – musical and rich language spoken in many parts of the country. Ethiopia is diferent, and I love it. So think again before you feel sorry for me.

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